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The Exeter Law Review Podcast is a platform for the exploration of current academic legal research and socio-legal issues. Each episodes tries to strike a balance between conceptual understanding and the practical implications of this within ‘real world’ scenarios.

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2020/21 Episodes

Episode 1: Has COVID-19 promoted or inhibited Access to Justice? Thoughts from former judge David Tyzack

Editor in Chief Frances Hand and Managing Editor Rida Ahmed sit down (virtually!) with David Tyzack QC to discuss whether COVID-19, and the subsequent introduction of online trials nationwide, has impacted the abilities of Defendants, Witnesses and Victims to access justice. They consider the potential implications on our Article 6 right to a fair trial and Article 5 right to liberty and whether these might be infringed. Finally, they consider whether the recent cuts to Legal Aid might mean that, regardless of a global pandemic, true access to justice within the Criminal and Family Courts cannot currently be realised.

We extend our thanks to our outgoing Editor in Chief Olivia Turley for her work during the first two episodes of the Exeter Law Review Podcast. These can be accessed below:

2019/20 Episodes

Episode one

The Equality and Human Rights Commission – Regulating Education

How regulated should educational institutions be? Olivia Turley and Frances Hand are joined by Dr David Barrett to discuss the role of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, OFTSED and equality and diversity in higher education.

Episode two

Non-Disclosure Agreements, Ethics and the Law – A discussion with Professor Richard Moorhead on sexual harassment and the use of NDAs

Professor Richard Moorhead joins the Exeter Law Review for a discussion of the use of NDAs, specifically in employment disputes where there has been sexual harassment.  Hosted by the Exeter Law Review with Shania Essah Aurelio, Olivia Turley and Richard Moorhead.    

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