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Meet our 2019 Editorial Board:

Exeter Law was founded in 2017, as an academic resource for the Exeter University legal community. Since then, it has grown to a multi-faceted publication for students, academics, and professionals across the United Kingdom. It now provides an online forum for debate and open dialogue in all areas of law. The current work is a mixture of submitted academic pieces and work produced by a multinational editorial team.

Exeterlaw’s Founding Editorial Board has members hailing from the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, India, and Singapore.

The current editorial team includes:

Olivia Turley – Ed­i­tor-in-Chief

Olivia worked in commercial contracts for several years before studying at the University of Exeter. Olivia is a final year LLB Law student and is pursuing a career at the Bar. Olivia’s interests include family law, with a specific focus on domestic abuse and coercive control in the family courts, she is also interested in commercial law, with a focus on property and real estate.

In her spare time she enjoys practicing yoga and spending time in the countryside with her family.

Samuel Heath – Managing Editor

Sam is currently in his second year of the Graduate LLB programme here at Exeter and is hoping to pursue a career in international trade or finance. Somewhat predictably, the areas of law of particular interest to me are contract and trusts. Having previously worked as an Editor at Dartmouth College’s World Outlook international affairs magazine, I’m passionate about publishing because it exposes students to issues they might never have considered, and because it gives voice to opinions and perspectives that might otherwise not be heard.

James Bazley – Managing Editor 

James is a second year law student here at Exeter. James was keen to join the Law Review this year to add another string to his bow, and to expose himself to high-level academic writing in the areas of the law he finds most interesting, such as Public and Administrative Law. In the future he hopes to practice at the Bar, though he is not sure what he wants to specialise in at this stage. In his spare time he enjoys playing lacrosse for the university team and going to music events.

Frances Hand – Senior Editor & General Secretary 

Frances is a second year LLB Law student at the University of Exeter. Her choice to pursue law was undoubtedly influenced by her extensive work with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau during her Gap Year. She is qualified as a first-tier advisor in areas such as Workplace Discrimination and Housing. However, her proudest moment to date was her close work with Bournemouth County Council to enforce greater quality control over landlords letting to students and young families. Frances’ interests include criminal and human rights law and she is excited to begin thinking more deeply about her future plans post-degree. You may also recognise her from a recent Channel 4 news piece where she discussed the current constitutional situation.

When not surrounded by textbooks, Frances is a keen pianist and vocalist and has recently taken up competitive Ultimate Frisbee (which she recommends to anyone and everyone she meets!)

Shania Essah Aurelio – Associate Editor 

Shania is a second year English Law and French Law student who is aspiring to become a solicitor working at an international level. Shania’s academic interests include public international law (focusing on human rights and immigration), family law (focusing on LGBTQ+ family rights), and commercial law (focusing on employment, IP, and white collar crime). Alongside the ELR, Shania is currently part of LGBTQ+ and Law Exeter’s founding committee as well as Exeter BAME Law.

Despite measuring up at a staggering 5ft 1in, Shania enjoys playing basketball (thanks to her Filipino genes) and watching horror movies.

Harry Crabtree – Associate Editor 

Harry is a final year LLB Law student who is going to be undertaking a training contract with Ashurst LLP. Harry’s particular areas of interest include contract law, technology and land law. Harry undertook research into unfair terms and unconscionability in Hong Kong contract law as part of the Comparative Contract module.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching rugby, as well as being a keen entrepreneur.

Claudia Scribe – Associate Editor 

Claudia is currently a second year Grad LLB student at the University of Exeter. She joined the Exeter Law Review as a forum in which to address comprehensively complex legal issues. It has allowed Claudia to go beyond the topics taught in the classroom and in textbooks.

Ho-Man Tang – Associate Editor

Ho-Man is a final year LLB Law student and an aspiring solicitor. He has a varied range of legal interests, led in part by research he has undertaken as an Academic Research Assistant. Ho-Man has completed several pieces of research for Magdalen Chambers and Devon County Council among others.

While Ho-Man has done work on Tort and Family law, his passion remains for Intellectual Property and given an opportunity, he will talk endlessly about music copyright in particular.

His hobbies include piano, football and table tennis in which he represents the university.

Loretta Soffe – Associate Editor

Loretta trained as a solicitor at an international corporate law firm and spent six months on secondment in Qatar, before turning her interest to public law. Loretta is now undertaking the LLM in public international law. Loretta is particularly interested in human rights, the law of migration and the law of armed conflict. Outside of studying Loretta is a keen long-distance runner, having completed a number of marathons.

Matthew Freeman – Associate Editor

Matthew is an aspiring barrister and a recent graduate from the University of Exeter’s LLB program. He is currently taking a break from formal education in order to focus on his professional and academic interests beyond the curriculum. Within legal academia, Matthew is particularly interested both in jurisprudence and commercial law—with a focus on maritime and finance, he intends to pursue these interests further during the LLM next year. 

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys rowing and has represented the University Boat Club.